Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Pixie Lott

When I was asked to shoot Pixie Lott, a star from the UK, at first, I must admit I thought that I was shooting Pixie Geldof. I had not heard of Pixie Lott. Cleo (who commissioned the shoot) told me she was big shit in the UK.

As with any big label act, we were a little anxious before she arrived, unsure whether the relatively speedy incline to success and celebrity would have affected her yet.

It turned out she was the most lovely girl. Her father tagged with her from England, and sat quietly in the corner reading a tick page-tuner while his beautifully cheerful daughter jumped up and down and played model for the camera.

I was in the UK a few weeks ago, and it wasn't until I was in London that I saw how big she is over there. She was staring down at me, all 5m tall from shop windows, modeling the latest fashions, endorsing trendy labels in SoHo, appearing on the front and back of magazines on the tube, in the stereos of shops in the east end.
pixie lott
Pixie Lott
Pixie Lott
Pixie Lott- Cleo Ocotber
Pixie Lott- Cleo Ocotber

Pixie Lott- Cleo Ocotber


Blogger RoLuc said...

Shit yeah! Lovely work as usual Cybs

14 October 2009 at 17:15  
Blogger RoLuc said...

See that? I just 'aussiafied' your name to Cybs. Classy.

14 October 2009 at 17:16  
Blogger Kent Johnson said...

Beautiful shots Cyb. Great light too.

14 October 2009 at 17:45  
Blogger cybele malinowski said...

cyb it is :)

14 October 2009 at 20:14  

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