Wednesday, 6 February 2008

CutCopy and Van She @ Cockatoo Island

Shot on Cockatoo Island, a mystical island right bang in the middle of Sydney harbor. i could hear the unmistakable sounds of CutCopy in sound check from the ferry wharf 5km away.

Despite the terrible weather, some 2000 kids came along to this Myspace gig. Although the rainbow of fluro may have washed away with the rain, their smiles didn't.

The highlight of my night was dancing in the middle of the stage with the Modular DJs, thousands of kids jumping and screaming (to have their photo taken). I can see why being a rock star is so alluring. Once you have been in the limelight, its hard to get out!

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modular djs

Modular Djs



van she

Van She

cut copy

crowd @ myspace gig- cockatoo island

Barney@modular (this is just before I raced out onto the stage to the adoring crowd

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