Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Josh Pyke take iii

I have had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Josh Pyke once again, this time for Drum Media. After shooting him twice for Ivy League, we know the way we both work, I know what he wants, he knows what I want, so it was cruisy. In and out within 20 minutes.

Naturally much more time was spent in the preparation for such a shoot. To-ing and fro-ing between Drum, the label and myself, coming up with an idea that we were all happy with. We settled on a dark and moody shoot, moving away from the seaside references in his previous press shoots. I needed to do something simple, elegant. Something that conjured up his creative journey.

Once that had been agreed on, then it was off to the prop shop, (conveniently located next door), to find inspiration. I found a typewriter and smoke machine. Perfect!

It wasn't until the morning of the shoot that I came up with the idea of dropping pages from an old book from the background sky. Not of course implying that his ideas come from thin air! So my assistant (Cara) and I raced to my bookshelf and carved up a Daphne Dumaurier book. Thanks Daph.

I'll put some older Josh pics up soon.

Joshy for Drum
Drum Media Cover