Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Chain Gang

holy chaingang
These photos of Chaingang were taken earlier this year, around winter time. Hayley, the lead-singer, and a dear friend of mine had been asking me to shoot them since the band's conception, so finally, when we all had a free Sunday we all jumped in our cars and took a tour to an abandoned lot in Alexandria. The wonderful people at Hillsong seem to have left at least 5 acres of land, an abandoned bus, a 20 story building and a big warehouse filled with Christmas gifts, wizz fizz and lightbulbs for kids of Sydney to go and play in.

We came across one guy who works for Hillsong, scared shitless I went out to explain why we were gallivanting around the warehouse. I don't know whether it was his strong Christian value system, or the batting of my eyelids, but we were given permission to continue shooting, as long as we didn't wreck anything. I'm not going to say if we did or didn't.

Here are the pictures.





And, a side note. I would like to apologize for my very poor effort at blogging regularly. I have been guest blogging on Lifelounge, and am about to embark on a month long pictorial story on love, which you can go and check out here It will be uploaded three times a week. Go check it out, this is going to be my final creative outburst to end the year, and as a result, might affect the number of entries here on bangbangdotdot.