Monday, 3 November 2008

Red Rock, Nevada

We drove down the Las Vegas strip, past the thousands of people swarming around the dream of a big win. Fake tans, fake smiles.

Heading straight into the sunset, we headed to the canyons. Perfectly manicured green lawns, triple garages, footpaths as wide as Sydney roads, roads as wide as Sydney harbor.

The final row of houses back onto the canyon. Green, swimming pool, plastic toys, fence, and suddenly red. Just like that. We are out of Vegas.

We arrive at Red Rock, sign our lives away, and wait in line with the 50 other city slickers in need of some respite from the neon glow in the not so distant distance.

Here are some pictures from the amazing sunset ride. (I am amazed my camera survived the bumpy ride!)

hats off to the cowboys




hill side.

true blue cowboy

red rock canyon