Monday, 21 April 2008

LOUDlight opening

LOUDlight opened last Thursday night, and it was a huge! Over 500 people came through the doors at MTV gallery, in fact it was so crazy that I almost missed my speech.


I lost my notes for my thank you speech, so I would like to quickly say thanks now.

A huge thanks to HDALLAS who designed and made the beautiful lightboxes.

Thanks to all sponsors and those who helped make this show happen:

Preece Wine
Fringe Bar.

Michaella Solar-March
Justin Miller
Anne Wall
Povel Torod
Caroline Paidasch
Mai Mai
Kristy Bradly
Daniel Boud
Helen Malinowski (my mum)
Troy Barrott
Nancy Siler
Matt Weston
Kate Hurst

Dave Rennick, Sarah Kelly and Curse Of Company. You guys were just incredible! I can't wait to hear more. It was an honour to have you play on the night. Thank you thank you thank you!

and a MASSIVE thank you to my brother my inspirer, Justin who with the help of the Elle Mcarthy who have made this whole thing happen. Justin, without you, I would not be here. I have you to thank for everything.

AND of course all of the amazing bands whom I have worked with, and a particular thanks to those exhibited in the show. You are the stars of tonight, and I owe it all to you. Thank you so much!

and thanks to the beautiful Marieke, Lindsay and Robbie! You guys rock.

See pics from the night.