Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Tato Y Memi

Tato Y Memi
Michella, Tato Y Memi


The beautiful Nicole Glavin from Under the Wing organized this shoot with the girls from Tato. We decided to stick with an elegant and simple format for the lookbook, getting a few hero shots on location after the studio shoot.

When we were setting up in the studio I was unrolling the paper-roll, and sun was streaming through the door behind onto the floorboards. It was beautiful. I mimicked this with studio lighting, placing a bare head behind the paper-roll to recreate the effect. I have since used this trick in a music shoot (The Model School).

Once we had finished in the studio we raced to a warehouse in Surry Hills, to get the hero shots. Location shoots are always my favorite part of the day; you never know what you'll get.

Tato Y Memi

Label- Tato Y Memi
Assistant- Jef Yiu
Post Prod- Justin Malinowski
Hair and Makeup- Rachel Montgomery
Stylist- Bec Caratti
Model- Michella @ Chadwicks
Studio: Blue Murder Studios